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7 Reasons to Love Linen

Linen exudes luxury and style and improves with age

The Problem with Synthetic Textiles: A Closer Look at Environmental and Health Concerns

Synthetic textiles are plastic fibres in disguise.

Make Old Towels Feel New!

Give New Life to Old Towels with our Simple Eco Tips!

How to Choose the Right Sheets

With so many different fabrics to choose from how do you know which are right for you!

Hacks for Keeping Cool on Hot Summer Nights!

Sleep Soundly on Hot Summer Nights 8 Tips for Restful Sleep in Summer. Beautiful long summer evenings spent socializing with family and friends are...

Most Comfortable Sheets to Sleep In!

We're often asked why our sheets are so comfortable to sleep in.  It's the things we don't do, that make them so soft and smooth.

Do You Need To Iron Your Sheets

If sheets claim to be non-iron or wrinkle-resistant, read the label as they could contain polyester.  Worse still,  they may have been dipped in ch...

Beware of Easy Care

When choosing new bed sheets, take care and read the label.

The Season for Sleeping

Laying the Foundations for a Good Night Sleep starts with Natural Fibres. Make the most of the Season for Sleeping!

Best Sheets for Winter!

The options go beyond cosy flannelette with cashmere and textured fabrics to indulge in.

The Radiant Look Skin Care Routine.

A healthy glowing complexion is easier than you think!

The Coolest Sheets to Sleep In

The Coolest Sheets to Sleep in this Summer!