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The most comfortable sheets are those that are made from 100% natural fibres. Choosing the best bed sheets is a matter of personal preference and ...

Airbnb Bedroom Essentials

Becoming a Super host is the aim of every Airbnb host.  Providing a 5 star guest experience and achieving 5* reviews is a sure way to reduce your v...

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Is Egyptian Cotton worth raving about?

Choosing a Bath Towel: the Benefits of Bamboo Cotton

Perfecting the blend of natural fibres, we’ve combined bamboo and cotton to create a luxuriously soft and super absorbent towel that adds a spa lik...

Do The Clothes You Wear End Up in the Food You Eat

Micro plastics are turning up everywhere and they often come from the bedding you sleep in and the clothes you wear.

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - 22 momme

The natural, chemical-free addition to your beauty regime.

How to Choose a Mattress Protector

With so many mattress toppers to choose from, include these top 3 features to ensure a really comfortable night sleep.

The Season for Sleeping

Laying the Foundations for a Good Night Sleep starts with Natural Fibres. Make the most of the Season for Sleeping!

3 Reasons to Use a Mattress Protector

3 good reasons you should always use a mattress topper: hygiene, comfort and longevity.