Hungarian Goose Down Quilts & Doonas

Goose Down Quilts & Doonas

The Ultimate in Luxury

Hungarian Goose Down Quilts are incredibly warm, unbelievably light weight and soft.
The cassette style pure cotton casing, ensures the goose down and feather fill remains evenly dispersed, allowing a natural loft and air flow, creating an even distribution of warmth and comfort during the night.
Natural, renewable, biodegradable, sustainable.
Made in Australia
Luxury Hungarian Goose Down Winter Quilt (6831663579332)
Luxury Hungarian Goose Down Winter Quilt
  • from $365.00
Luxury Hungarian Goose Down All Seasons Quilt (6805240053956)
Luxury Hungarian Goose Down All Seasons Quilt
  • from $275.00
Luxury Hungarian Goose Down Pillow Standard (6893754613956)
Luxury Hungarian Goose Down Pillow Standard
  • from $219.00
Luxury Hungarian Goose Down King Pillow (7622863585533)
Luxury Hungarian Goose Down King Pillow
  • from $269.00

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Hungarian Goose Down Quilts, Doonas, Duvets - FAQ


Consider how much time you spend under a quilt or doona every day. Most people spend a third of their lives in bed. Investing in the best quality quilt is the best value in the long term.

Treat yourself with the ultimate luxury quilt. Luxuriously lightweight and soft to touch, these quilts are made in Australia and filled with 80% Hungarian white goose down and 20% white goose feather. Its luxurious count of white goose down ensures warm insulation for your sleep whilst the box cassette design keeps the fill in place, allowing each pocket to loft. Down is super soft, luxuriously lightweight and warm.


Why are Goose Down Quilts or Doonas the best?

Goose down quilts are lightweight, highly breathable and provide superior insulation due their high loft without weight.

Down has evolved to be the world’s best natural insulator. Every 15 grams of down has approximately a million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap to create insulating pockets of air; which is what keeps you warm. Goose down is finer, warmer and softer than duck down. It's also natural, biodegradable and recyclable!

Down is naturally breathable so it reduces the moisture trapped in your doona as you sleep. This makes it unpopular with dust mites (the most common bedding allergy) who like to live in humid environments. 

As well as using the best quality down, we take extra care when we handle it. Ecodownunder down is washed and dried without using any harsh chemicals.

What is Hungarian Goose Down?

Goose down is the soft layer of fluffy insulation underneath the geese feathers that keep the geese warm and dry. Hungarian goose down comes from Hungarian geese and is widely recognised as one of the best sources of down. Hungary produces mainly white goose down and semi-white goose down.

Is Goose down or Goose Feather best for a quilt or doona?

The structure of down is finer than feathers, which have stiff hard quills. Down has more fluffy filaments so it's softer. This means that it has better temperature regulating properties; keeping you warm whilst being naturally breathable.

We selected 80% Hungarian goose down for our Hungarian goose down doonas with 20% small white Hungarian goose feather. Feathers are heavier than down so this addition helps give the quilt the right weight and drape to contour to your body. 


Goose down vs duck down in a quilt, doona or duvet?

Not all down is the same quality. High quality goose down is finer than duck down with more fluffy filaments. Essentially, geese are bigger so they have larger down feathers! These wispy spherical structures of down trap more air, making it warmer and just that bit softer.

So, as duck down is not as large or dense as goose down, a quilt made from duck down will be heavier and thicker in order to provide the same amount of warmth.

Where does Ecodownunder Goose Down come from?

The country of origin can make a difference to the quality of the down produced. 

Chinese goose down: The majority of goose down comes from China but it is generally low quality as the down is harvested from very young geese which means the feathers have not matured into large, dense plumes. The harvesting process in China is also largely unregulated unlike Europe.

European down: The main countries in Europe that produce down are Hungary, Poland and the Pyrenees area in France. This is high quality down produced in regulated conditions ensuring that the key processes of harvesting, sorting, cleaning and quality control are well monitored.


White Down vs Grey Down?

Goose down can be white or grey in colour, depending on the age of the goose and what time of year it is harvested. The colour of the down has no impact on its quality or warmth. However, as grey down may show through the duvet or pillow casing white down is preferred in good quality quilts and pillows, and is therefore more expensive. Grey down is often used in lower quality quilts as a way of keeping costs down.

Ecodownunder down quilts use 80% white goose down with 20% small white goose feather to add a bit of weight. 


Down vs Synthetic Quilts - The environmental impact

Natural doona fillings are soft, warm and more breathable than synthetic quilt materials. Naturally breathable goose down provides three to four times more air circulation than synthetic materials, helping any moisture to escape more easily. Microfibre, which is another name for polyester or plastic fibres, can produce lightweight, durable and inexpensive quilts but they can’t match the loft and body contouring attributes of down.

Down is also a much more environmentally friendly doona filling. Natural goose down quilts and pillows require less energy to produce than synthetic quilts and are biodegradable. The very fine, synthetic fibres in synthetic duvets such as Microfibre, Hollowfibre or "Down Alternative" are a form of plastic. These microfibres are a major source of pollution. Like other micro-plastics, they can enter our rivers, seas and land food chains, as well as being present in the air we breathe.

All of our quilts are made in Australia from natural, biodegradable materials. And we don't use any unnecessary single use plastics in our packaging.


What is the best type of quilt to buy?

Goose down quilts are highly breathable with superior insulation and retain their loft or fluffiness really well. 


Is Hungarian goose down the best doona filling?

Hungarian goose down is widely recognised as the best quilt filling. Goose down is a natural insulator, breathable, lightweight and extremely comfortable. Hungary are one of the world's top quality goose down providers.


Which is better goose down or duck down?

High quality goose down is finer than duck down with a greater number of fluffy filaments. These filaments trap more air, making a goose down duvet more lofty, warmer and just that bit softer.


Is all goose down the same?

No, there are different grades of goose down. The best goose down comes from Hungary, Poland and Canada.