Hand Towels

Soft absorbent hand towels are a must in our everyday lives and contribute towards good bathroom hygiene habits. With so many colours, styles and fabrics to choose from, make your hand towels  a stylish addition to your bathroom.

Stylish and colourful fresh hand towels in a bathroom when guests visit is a lovely attention to detail and certainly good hygiene. A pile of freshly laundered hand towels on the vanity in a restaurant, bar or spa signals a healthy habit we feel good about!

The spotlight shone on good hand hygiene at the start of the covid pandemic and we’ve all undoubtedly refocused on an efficient hand wash and dry at so many times during the day!  Having a good supply of hand towels readily available means that you can change your hand towels regularly and always have a supply of clean ones in the linen cupboard.  Take a moment to think about the number of times you wash your hands every day.  We use them in the bathroom, in the guest loo, in the kitchen, at work.  We’ve all experienced times when we’ve washed our hands and then having looked at a well used slightly grubby looking hand towel have opted for the shake dry instead!

When using a cotton to dry your hands, always hang the towel up to dry after use (as recommended by healthdirect.gov.au) and be sure to launder hand towels frequently. Choose hand towels with hanging hoops for both bathroom and kitchen hand towels to increase the chances that the user will hang the towel up after use!

White hand towels look luxurious and because white doesn’t hide the dirt, you may be reminded to wash them more frequently!  We have a range in white and also hand towels to add a splash of colour to your bathroom. 

New research recommends we wash our hands between six -10 times a day.  Washing your hands on a regular basis will help lower your chance of catching Covid-19 and flu and will prevent the spread of germs which cause diseases.  Once you’ve washed your hands drying them on a clean hand towel is key to keeping them germ free!

A good supply of hand towels in the home ensures fresh towels are always to hand!

And of course you can choose face washers, bath towels, bath sheets and bath mats to go with them or in different colours to add a pop to your bathroom.

Budget tip!  Hand towels are the perfect size to use as a gym towel or golf towel and come in colours perfect to use when you're out and about. 


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Luxury Organic Cotton Hand Towel (7832843649277)
Luxury Organic Cotton Hand Towel
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Luxury Organic Cotton Hand Towel (7832843649277) (8232291533053)
Luxury Organic Cotton Hand Towel
  • from $8.00
Luxury Organic Cotton Hand Towel (7832843649277) (8232291533053) (8232297365757)
Luxury Organic Cotton Hand Towel
  • from $8.00

Frequently Asked Questions


How to fold hand towels

There are many different ways to fold a hand towel depending on how and where you wish to store it.  The easiest way is to fold it in half lengthwise and then fold it again widthwise.  This makes it compact and easy to stack.  As an alternative, it looks neat rolled and stacked in a cupboard or on the vanity ready for use.  Fold it lengthwise and then again in half,  then roll it up. 


How big is a hand towel?

The standard size for good quality hand towels is 40cm by 70cm


How many hand towels do I need?

At least 2 as you need to wash them at least twice a week and this allows you to have a clean dry hand towel ready as soon as the used one goes in the wash.


How often should you wash your hand towel?

Every 2-3 days at least, but it depends how many people will be using the wash hand basin. If your bathroom is used by my many different people every day, we recommend changing it daily as they are normally positioned in areas with lots of germs.


How to display hand towels in a bathroom

If you have space and guests coming it always feels welcoming and considerate to have a pile of fresh clean hand towels beside the hand basin.  If it is for family and regular daily use, the hand towel should be hung beside the hand basin so it can dry out properly between uses. 


How to hang a hand towel

A hand towel can be hung by its hoop or you can fold it over the towel rail in the bathroom, without touching the bath towel.


What is a hand towel?

A hand towel is a small towel dedicated to drying hands only.  It is generally positioned close to the wash hand basin to make it clear to guests that it is for drying the hands only.


What size is a hand towel?

A better quality hand towel is typically 40cm wide by 70cm long


Where to hang hand towel in a bathroom?

It's sensible to hang your hand towel close to the vanity to make it easily accessible.