Taking the finest Australian wool we’ve created a premium quilt collection that feels luxuriously comfortable throughout the night. 

The natural characteristics of wool make it breathable and temperature regulating, which is why it’s so comfortable to sleep under all year round. 

The insulating properties of this amazing natural fibre, keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Our premium quality quilts are designed with different weight fillings to cater for your sleep preference and the night time temperature where you live. 

The All Season Wool Quilt is 350 GSM and our luxuriously warm Winter Quilt is 700 GSM which refers to the grams per square metre.  The higher the GSM, the warmer the quilt.

For a light weight quilt with additional warmth, we have blended the finest alpaca fibre with  Australian downs wool to create a warmer quilt without weight that feels luxuriously soft and cosy to sleep under.

The pure natural fibres in our quilts are cased in 100% cotton. Totally free of synthetic fibres, ;means no micro fibres are shed whilst you sleep which is better for you, your sleep and the planet.
Australian Made Winter Wool Quilt | Ecodownunder (4501893939299)
Australian Winter Wool Quilt 500gsm
  • from $119.00
Alpaca & Wool Quilt (6588795814084)
Alpaca & Wool All Seasons Quilt
  • from $299.00 $179.00
Australian All Seasons Wool Quilt (2165005025369)
Australian All Seasons Wool Quilt 350gsm
  • from $99.00
Machine Washable Australian All Seasons Wool Quilt (8241710072061)
Machine Washable Australian All Seasons Wool Quilt
  • from $225.00