Super King Size

When you lay eyes on a super king bed, it’s hard to resist the urge to dive in. It’s inviting and luxurious as the centrepiece in the bedroom and feels wonderful to sleep in too. When you share a super king size bed, you more often than not, achieve a better quality of sleep as more space means you can spread out with less disturbances from your partner during the night

Quality sleep is one of the pillars of good health so if you’re looking to upgrade your bed or are moving to a new home with a spacious master bedroom, we recommend you consider choosing a super king size bed.

A new bed means new bedding. It’s important to protect your new mattress, undoubtedly an expensive purchase, with a correctly fitting mattress protector or mattress topper. Mattresses are usually covered in a synthetic fabric which is most unpleasant to sleep on so choosing a mattress cover made of natural fibres, like cotton or wool is important. Super king size sheets are a must. A super king fitted sheet that fits snugly around the mattress avoids sleeping on wrinkles. Tug of war is constant when you use a king size doona on a super king bed! It goes without saying that you will need a super king quilt to avoid the battles in the night!

With the bedding essentials in place, you’re set to add your personal style and finishing touches to your new sleep sanctuary. Our bed linen collection includes an extensive selection of super king quilt covers in a range of contemporary and classic colours in beautiful natural fibres. Pure linen is effortlessly chic and if you love the look of linen, it’s a perfect choice for a relaxed lifestyle. Other favourites include organic cotton in a range of the latest on trend colours in our vintage and matelassé super king quilt cover collections or choose eco cotton in a choice of thread counts and styles.

Pillows, to some are the key to a comfortable sleep! Standard size pillows can look a little lost sitting in the middle of a super king size bed, so we have created a collection of king size pillows, pillow protectors and king pillowcases to complete the luxurious look of your new super king bed. Two king pillows fit perfectly across a super king bed.

Super king size top of bed range for king beds.
Upsizing your doona. A recent escalating trend is to use a super king quilt on a king size bed. In fact often a king doona is used on a queen bed and a queen doona on a double bed, and so on! Many mattresses are now deeper than they used to be which can mean that a king doona on a king bed feels and looks too small. Upsizing: gives a more generous and luxurious look allowing more overhang, helping to keep you covered during the night.

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What is a Super King Size Bed and Doona?
As homes in Australia have become larger, more of us have the option of larger beds to spread out. 
Super King Size Beds are the ultimate in luxury as they are 20cm wider than King Size.
King Bed           183 x 203 cm 
Super King Bed  203 x 203 cm
While more Super King beds are being used in Australia, far more people are choosing to use a Super King size Quilt (or Doona) on their King Size bed. Super King size Doona Covers (or quilt covers) are both longer and wider than king size providing not only a higher level of comfort but also a luxurious look to the bedroom.
King size Doona / Quilt Cover             210 x 240 cm
Super King size  Doona / Quilt Cover240 x 270 cm
Frequently Asked Questions
What's bigger than a super king?
Super King is the largest commercially available bed size in Australia.

Is California King the same as Super King?
No, California King is an American Size as the name suggests and the dimensions are:
California King Bed               183 x 210 cm
Australian Super King Bed 203 x 203 cm 
Is Mega King the same as Super King?
Mega King is not really a common size term used in Australia. Mega is a marketing term sometimes used for bedding that has deeper walls but the size of the Bed is the same as Super King
Mega King size Bed       203 x 203 x 50cm deep 
Super King Size Chart
The most common sizes for Super King bedding in Australia are:
Super King Mattress  203 x 203 cm
Super King Mattress Protector  203 x 203 x 37cm
Super Wool Underlay   203 x 203 x 37cm
Super Fitted Sheet  203 x 203 x 35cm
Super Flat Sheet   320 x 270cm
Super Doona or Quilt 270 x 240cm
Super Doona or Quilt Cover270 x 240cm