Experience the luxury of sleeping in linen sheets.  Linen looks as beautiful as it feels and it perfectly suits our relaxed Australian lifestyle.

When you’re looking for a low maintenance alternative to crisp and perfectly ironed hotel style bedding, linen sheets are a perfect choice

It’s widely believed that linen sheets are best in summer, but they are perfect to sleep in throughout the year because they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Linen has many natural properties that make it a much loved natural fibre to sleep in.

Once you sleep in linen sheets you’ll quickly discover the benefits. Unlike most things in life, linen sheets improve with age becoming softer and more beautiful the more you use and wash them. It is one of the oldest fibres known to man and is a renewable source that is fully biodegradable.

There are many benefits to sleeping in linen bed sheets. It’s breathable, durable, hypoallergenic, and looks as good as it feels which means topping your bed with a linen quilt cover adds a stylish and contemporary tone to your room.

Ecodownunder linen sheets are made from European flax linen from both Belgium and France and made in India. Whilst in our core bed linen collection some colours are absolute favourites such as white linen sheets with beige linen (we call it stone) coming a close second, we continually introduce new on trend colours in linen sheets and linen quilt cover sets and existing colours are added to our linen sheets sale. Create your own unique look in the bedroom by choosing a linen fitted sheet, a linen flat sheet and linen pillowcases to design your own sheet set!

Complete the relaxed aesthetic of linen with a stylish linen valance which helps to hide many design sins by disguising the often unattractive fabric around the ensemble. Ecodownunder bed skirts or valances are in white, stone and cool grey to blend harmoniously with your colour palette. 

We love the way the natural look and feel of linen is so complementary to Australian homes, so choose to use linen throughout the home. Introducing our linen cushion coverslinen napkins, and  linen tea towels goes a long way towards enhancing our daily rituals of living.


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Linen Sheet Set incl Pillowcases
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Linen Sheet Set Incl Pillowcases
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Linen Sheet Set incl Pillowcases
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Linen Fitted Sheet
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Linen Flat Sheet
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Linen Flat Sheet (7812162420989) (7974645727485)
Linen Flat Sheet
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Linen Sheet Set incl Pillowcases King (7815072088317) (8504907137277)
King Linen Sheet Set incl Pillowcases
  • from $467.00 $217.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Wash Linen Sheets

  • Wash separately before use
  • Wash in cold or cool water on a gentle cycle
  • Use a mild eco friendly laundry liquid or laundry powder
  • Do not use whitening agents or bleaches as they can discolour your sheets in patches
  • Do not use fabric softeners, as these leave a film on the linen removing it's naturally absorbent properties
  • Line dry in the shade if possible.

Can you put Linen Sheets in the Dryer?

We don't recommend tumble drying your linen sheets as they perform better and last longer when line dried, however some people line dry their sheets until almost dry then tumble dry on a cool setting for 5 minutes.

How to soften Linen Sheets

One of the amazing natural characteristics of linen is that it becomes softer and more beautiful each time you wash it.  To soften your sheets, keep sleeping in them and washing them and they become softer over time.

Are Linen Bed Sheets Comfortable?

Yes!  Linen is a wonderful fabric to sleep in all year round.  It is super absorbent, naturally temperature  regulating and becomes softer with use.

Are linen sheets good for hot sleepers?

Yes.  Linen is good for people who feel hot in the night,  because the weave allows for airflow so the air close to your hot body can circulate cooling you down and it's super absorbent, wicking away any night time perspiration when you sleep.

Are linen sheets good for summer?

Yes.  Linen is often thought of as a summer fabric, but it's actually perfect for sleeping in all year round as it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Are linen sheets rough?

The texture of linen has a casual relaxed look and feel, but it is not rough or scratchy.  When linen sheets are new and unwashed they can feel crisp but not rough. This crispness goes when washed and linen sheets become softer the more you wash them.

Are linen sheets soft?

Yes, linen improves with age and becomes softer the more you sleep in it!

Are linen sheets warm in winter?

Yes!  Linen is often thought of as a summer fabric.  Floaty linen dresses and cool white shirts are signatures of summer living.  It's these unique thermo-regulating properties that make linen sheets warm in winter and cool in summer.  Linen allows the air around you to circulate so your body stays at an even temperature and doesn't get too hot or too cold in the night.

Are linen sheets worth it?

Sleeping in natural fibres like linen, cotton and bamboo is far more comfortable and better for you.  The type of sheets you choose depends on your personal preference.  Linen looks and feels luxurious; it's natural properties make it perfect for sleeping in, it's strong and long lasting.  In our opinion, yes. 

Can I put linen sheets in the dryer?

We recommend wherever possible, line drying linen sheets in the shade. This way the sheets dry naturally, a gentle breeze helps soften the sheets and they smell fresh.  It also saves electricity! Tumble drying sheets increases the wear and tear on the linen fabric and a hot dryer can contribute to shrinkage and damage the fibres making them feel rough. 

How long do linen sheets last?

The strength of the flax fibres and natural durability of linen means linen sheets, with proper care,  can last for years. In Europe, linen sheets were past on through generations. 

How often should you wash linen sheets?

You should wash your linen sheets with the same regularity that you wash any of your bed sheets.  We agree with most experts that you should wash your sheets weekly as you spend hours in bed every night.  During this time you deposit skin flakes, sweat and other bodily fluids.  However some people may choose to wash more or less frequently depending on their lifestyle and preferences. 

Getting stains out of linen sheets

Treat the stains in your sheets before you put them through the wash cycle. We recommend you pre treat with a natural stain remover like Tuffy Natural Stain Removing Soap.   Moisten the stained area of your sheet with water and rub with the Tuffy stain remover bar, pop into the washing machine and wash on your usual cycle. 

Get blood out of linen sheets using Tuffy, but we recommend you use the soap bar and then soak for a few hours or overnight rinse under fresh water and repeat before washing.

What is flax linen sheets

Flax linen is the most natural fibre in the world.  All linen is made from the flax plant, one of the most sustainable crops to grow, naturally pest resistant, rarely requiring chemicals and grown without irrigation.  Flax linen is the fabric made from the flax plant, and was one of the first textiles made by man.

What to do with old linen sheets

Linen sheets lasts for years, but when you finally feel they are too old to sleep in, although linen is biodegradable, we prefer to keep it out of landfill and repurpose the fabric. There are so many ways you can give a new life to your linen sheets. 

  • If you're handy with a sewing machine, you can turn your old linen sheets into a sleeping bag liner! This means you don't have to wash your sleeping bag so often and it can be used on its own to sleep in during summer camping in Australia.
  • Old linen sheets make great shopping bags and small produce bags for your fruit and vegetables.
  • They make great aprons and cushion covers.
  • Dust sheets when painting and decorating
  • Gift wrapping!  Cut your old sheets into wrapping paper size pieces and using Furoshiki, the Japanese art of wrapping gifts in fabric, tied in a bow, to make your gift super stylish and plastic free.  Your friend can use it again or use the linen as a cleaning rag, glass polisher or window cleaner.
  • Cleaning cloths.  Perfect for wiping smears from windows or sparkling glass, cut your old linen sheets into handy size rags for spring cleaning which can be washed and used over and over!

Why are linen sheets so expensive?

Linen sheets are generally more expensive than cotton or bamboo sheets.  This is because the growing conditions for the flax plant are optimum in a relatively small region in France and Belgium, where the climate and soil provide the perfect growing conditions for the flax plant.   In addition to being limited geographically, the harvesting and production process are time consuming, labour intensive and so more costly. 

Linen has often been viewed as a luxury item and many brands have as a result felt able to charge more for linen than is perhaps necessary.  


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