The ultimate indulgence! Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience when you sleep in cotton cashmere sheets.

We’ve combined the perfect blend of premium eco cotton with the finest cashmere yarn, to create bed sheets that are sumptuously soft and light to sleep in. 92% Cotton and 8% Cashmere gives the sheets a beautiful soft drape that feels luxuriously light. 

“These are the softest sheets we’ve ever slept in” Russ and Bev, founding owners of Ecodownunder. “And 25 years after creating our first sheets, we’ve slept in a few.”

Blending our premium quality cotton with the finest Indian cashmere, we’ve created the most sumptuously soft sheets imaginable.

Exquisitely soft, cotton cashmere sheets are the most luxurious you could dream of sleeping in.

No longer a dream, you can now sleep in cotton cashmere sheets in Australia.

Using the finest quality yarns and finishes, we’ve created the most beautiful sheets to sleep in, designed to suit all bedroom styles. Available in soft white, and relaxing shades of grey and blue, our cotton cashmere sheet sets include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and 2 pillowcases.

Cashmere.  The word alone evokes feelings of warmth and cosiness.

Cashmere wool comes from goats.  It’s the finest, softest downy fibre combed from beneath the goat’s outer layer of hair and is lighter and warmer than sheep’s wool.  It was first used by Kashmiri craftsmen who spun the fibre to make shawls as early as the 16th century. Once discovered by European fashion houses, it became synonymous with luxury.

Cashmere wool is now grown all over the world, but the finest comes from the coldest places.  Our cashmere comes from Kashmir in India, where some of the finest wool is spun to create the softest silkiest fibres.  When blended with our premium cotton, the result is pure luxury to sleep in.

Treat yourself or choose a cashmere sheet set as a gift that will be loved for years to come. 



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Cashmere Sheet Set (7767607869693)
Cashmere Sheet Set
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Cashmere Sheet Set (7824875192573)
Cashmere Sheet Set
  • from $289.00 $169.00
Cashmere Sheet Set (7824881352957)
Cashmere Sheet Set
  • from $289.00 $169.00