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A King Single Bed is both wider and longer than a traditional single bed.  In fact it’s longer than a double bed and as long as a queen and king size bed, so if you’re tall and sleep solo, it could be the bed for you!  It also makes it a perfect choice for kids who have begun to outgrow their single bed, particularly if their bedroom is small and moving up to a double bed would make the room feel cramped. 

A king single bed is a great choice for visitors too, as often the guest room is the smallest room in the house and a double bed takes up too much precious floor space.

It's not uncommon for couples with spacious bedrooms, to join 2 king single beds together.  This means they can have the mattress of their choice and each can choose a quilt depending on their sleep style.  So often one partner feels really cold at night which means the other ends up sweating under the warm winter doona.  If you can choose your own doona fill, guided by if you sleep hot or cold, everyone will get a better night sleep.

The size of the room is key to the bed size you choose along with the size of the person sleeping in the bed and whether it’s shared!

Once you’ve selected your king single bed, ensuring that you have sheets and doonas that fit well is the next step to a good night sleep!  Often people mistakenly buy a double bed sheet set and a double bed quilt for their king single bed.  But a king single bed is longer than a double bed so this doesn’t work!

Choose king single sheets for your king single bed and most importantly a king single fitted sheet is the way to go.  There’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting fitted sheet, which gives the crumpled feel underneath you.  All our king single sheet sets include a king single fitted sheet, a king single flat sheet and a pillowcase.  It’s also important to choose a king single doona for your new bed. If you use a single size doona or a double doona, you’ll be exposing your feet and the end of the bed!

  Our extensive range of bedding designed to fit king single beds, includes a wide selection of king single sheet sets in a choice of fabrics and colours to ensure you can find kids sheets, and sheets for teenagers and adults too. 

Our king single quilt cover collection includes a range of colours, including blue quilt covers, grey, pink, navy, lilac, green and yellow and if you prefer a classic stripe choose our king single organic cotton white striped quilt cover set. 

King single mattress protectors and quilts with a range of fills for all seasons are also available in our king single bedding shop.

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