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Remarkably Comfortable!

When people sleep in our eco cotton sheets for the first time, they’re amazed at how comfortable they are.  So much so, they’re often moved to tell their friends about their new discovery - of the softest smoothest sheets they’ve ever slept in!

So when they do remark on our sheets, perhaps on social media or their blog, we think it’s fair to thank them!  That’s why we set up an affiliate marketing programme. 

When you recommend an Ecodownunder product you really love, you can be rewarded if you’re part of our affiliate programme.

We're keen to build long term relationships with affiliates of all sizes who love our products and share our ethos!  You don’t need to be a mega influencer or a celebrity; you may be a micro influencer. You’re just as likely to  be a customer who knows how wonderful it is to sleep in natural fibres, that are made without harsh chemicals and synthetics, and you’re keen for your friends to share the experience and benefit equally from a great night’s sleep.

People often sleep in our sheets for the first time whilst on holiday in an eco resort, boutique hotel, glamping or in an Airbnb.  If you have holiday accommodation and treat your guests to bedding from Ecodownunder, don’t be surprised if they ask about the sheets!  You too can join the affiliate programme and benefit from introducing your guests to hotel quality bedding that doesn’t cost the earth, bedding that they can sleep in when they return home.

You can also join the programme if you manage holiday property, or you may be an interior designer, a stylist or a specialist in low tox living and sustainability. 

You won’t be able to join the programme if you love helium balloons, use plastic cutlery, single use plastic water bottles and plastic straws!  We’ve removed single use plastic packaging from our stores because we’re concerned about plastic pollution in the ocean.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, it’s simple.

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