Designed to prevent your bathroom floor from becoming slippery when splashed with water, a bath mat also provides a beautiful soft warm welcome for your feet as you step out of the shower or bath.

Both functional and aesthetic, a plush and super absorbent bath mat soaks up water on the bathroom floor and provides a soft landing for your feet avoiding the wet cold tile sensation.

Our feet deserve to be pampered.  They work hard and many of us are on them throughout the day.  That’s why we believe you should treat them to a soft organic cotton bath mat.  Sink your toes into a plush bath mat or choose a mat with a light textured rib to give your toes a gentle massage.

With most bathrooms sealed with wall and floor tiles a bath mat provides a soft texture to a room that could otherwise feel and look cold and uninviting.  It enables you to change the mood introducing a splash of colour or choose tones to complement your  palette.

Choose a bath mat that will tie in and coordinate with the other towels in your bathroom.  In addition to a bath mat beside your bath or shower we recommend placing one by your bathroom vanity to keep your feet warm and comfortable when brushing your teeth, performing your skin care routine, drying your hair or applying your make up!  It’s these little touches that make your daily rituals more enjoyable.  You can choose a bath mat set by ordering 2 of the same bath mats or choose different complementary tones. 

Hygiene tip: after use, as with all towels in your bathroom,  always hang your bath mat up to dry.  That means you won’t be stepping out onto  a wet soggy bath mat the next time you shower but also avoids the build up of bacteria which love to grow in damp warm places. 

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Luxury Organic Towel Range (7834793771261) (8138561880317)
Luxury Organic Cotton Bath Mat
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Luxury Organic Cotton Bath Mat
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Luxury Organic Cotton Bath Mat (8138561880317) (8232175894781) (8232182579453)
Luxury Organic Cotton Bath Mat
  • from $12.00
Luxury Organic Cotton Bath Mat (8138561880317) (8232175894781)
Luxury Organic Cotton Bath Mat
  • from $12.00

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Frequently Asked Questions


How to wash bath mats

  • First wash separately before use
  • Machine wash in cool or warm water on a gentle cycle
  • Use eco laundry liquid or laundry powder
  • Do not use fabric conditioner or fabric softener as these coat the fibres, reducing their absorbency.
  • Line dry, in shade if possible, to avoid sun bleaching.
  • Be sure to dry thoroughly


Where can I buy math mats?

Ecodownunder have a wide selection of colours and a choice of styles.  You can buy bath mats online at Ecodownunder or from Ecodownunder stores.

Ecodownunder stores are in Avalon Beach, Mona Vale, Freshwater and Paddington in Sydney.


Are bath mats necessary?

Yes!  A bath mat is necessary as it's designed to be absorbent and soak up the splashes from the shower or bath and the drips from your body after bathing.  It prevents the bathroom floor from becoming wet and therefore slippery.  A wet smooth tiled floor can be quite dangerous as slipping over on the wet tiles and falling on a hard surface could be quite harmful. An absorbent bath mat helps to keep your floor dry and safe.


Can bath mats go in the washing machine?

Yes you can pop your bath mat in the washing machine with your bath towels.


Can you put a bath mat in the dryer?

We recommend you line dry your bath mat, preferably in air that is circulating or even better, outside.  You can give your bath mat a quick final dry in the tumble dryer for 5 minutes.


Can you wash bath mats with towels?

Yes and if you wash your bath mat and towels together it is a good reminder to wash your bath mat too.


Do bath mats get moldy? 

Bath mats can get mouldy if they are not dried properly after each use. 


How many bath mats do I need?

It depends on the size of your bathroom.  If you have a bathroom vanity away from your shower or bath it is a good idea to have 2 in use at a time, with one bath mat next to the shower or bath and one beside the vanity.  If possible double this number so you have spares to alternate when washing.


How often should you wash bath mats?

Bath mats should be washed at least every week and if you are not able to dry them completely after each use we recommend you wash more frequently to avoid the build up of mould and bacteria.


How to get mould out of bath mat.

Once you have mould in your bath mat, soak it in a solution of one part white vinegar to 4 parts water for a minimum of 4 hours or overnight. White vinegar is a natural antifungal and antibacterial cleaning agent.   Then wash as normal.


How to stop bath mat from going mouldy

Mould prevention is better than mould cure.  Mould is a fungus which thrives in damp places, and is a common occurrence in bath mats because they are designed to soak up the water but if they aren't dried out properly they provide the perfect habitat for mould to flourish.  

A well ventilated bathroom helps to prevent mould so keep the bathroom window open and if you don't have a window put the bathroom fan on during and for a period after bath time.  It is also important to pick the bath mat up after use and hang it up to dry, preferably in a well ventilated area, or even better outside, to ensure it dries completely.  This will help to prevent mould from growing and wash regularly.


How to clean bath mat in a washing machine

Its important to choose a bath mat that is easy to launder as it is an item that requires frequent washing in order to  be hygienic and avoid the build up of bacteria and mould. A pure cotton bath mat is both super absorbent, helping to keep your bathroom floor dry but also very easy to maintain and launder.  Ecodownunder bath mats are a generous size but remain easy to wash.  Just pop in your top loader or front loader and wash on a gentle cycle in cool or warm water with an eco friendly laundry detergent.