How to Choose the Right Sheets

The most comfortable sheets are those that are made from 100% natural fibres.

Choosing the best bed sheets is a matter of personal preference and depends upon how you like your sheets to feel against your skin.

We have developed an extensive range of bed sheets to ensure we have sheets you will love to sleep in.

Our bed linen range includes pure linen sheets, flannelette sheets, Egyptian cotton sheets, 1000 thread count sheets, linen cotton blend, pure organic cotton sheets and our best-selling signature eco cotton sheets

Sheets are generally sold in sheet sets in all sizes including super king and king single sheets.  Linen sheets are available as individual fitted and flat sheets.  This allows the opportunity to use your creative flare to style your own combination, by mixing and matching colours which are designed to complement one another.

Ecodownunder's White Signature Eco Cotton Sheets are also available to purchase separately in fitted sheets or flat sheets.   Sheet sizes in this range include king single, long single, super king fitted sheets and in queen and king size fitted sheets we offer a choice of a 37cm wall or for those who have a deeper mattress, a 50 cm wall.


Signature Cotton Sheets

Signature Cotton Sheets

Feel - Soft & Silky.

Our “Best Selling” sheets – are made from long-staple Pima cotton, produced without the use of any harsh chemicals or toxic dyes.  Our Signature Eco Cotton is produced using a sateen weave which gives it a super soft, silky feel that is so luxurious to sleep in. 

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Feel – Crisp – breathable and can keep you cool.

Egyptian cotton - heralded as being the mark of luxury, these bed sheets have a percale weave that gives the fabric a matte look with a crisp smooth finish.

Linen Sheets

Feel – Improves with age becoming softer and more comfortable with every wash.

Linen is a highly breathable fabric that can absorb up to 20 per cent of its weight before it starts to feel damp. It has a long lifespan, and naturally repels bacteria.

Linen sheets are ideal for use all year round, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Linen Cotton Blended Sheets

Feel – Super Soft and Drapable.

These sheets are the perfect blend of linen and cotton combining the best characteristics of these beautiful natural fibres. 

50% linen and 50% cotton.

Organic Cotton Sheets


Feel - Crisp Hotel Quality.

We use a thicker yarn when weaving our organic cotton sheets to give them a crisp, hotel like feel.

Best seller for Eco Lodges and AirBnBs.

Certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

1000 Thread Count Sheets

Feel - Soft & Thick.

Superior quality, premium cotton fibres produce an extremely fine yarn.  Due to their thickness, these sheets require minimal ironing and feel superbly luxurious, like hotel sheets.

Flannelette Sheets

Feel – Warm & Cosy.

Winter Season – GOTS certified organic cotton is lightly brushed after weaving to create the soft, snuggly feel that flannelette sheets are known for.