Best Sheets for Winter!

The best sheets to keep you warm in winter!  


Winter - the season when we anticipate better sleep thanks to cooler longer nights providing the optimum bedroom temperature for sleeping. But when your bedroom is cold, make your bed invitingly cosy so you can't wait to dive in at the end of the day!

Research has shown that the ideal room temperature for sleeping is between 17 and 19 degrees Celsius.  When the temperature is below 20 degrees, layering your bed with cosy natural fibres helps to ensure you don’t wake feeling cold in the night.  But it’s the sheets you slip between that dictate that immediate feeling of warmth and comfort when you get into bed.

Take summer for example – there’s nothing quite like climbing into a bed made with crisp cool cotton sheets.  In winter, a textured sheet has more appeal, with different fabrics and weaves feeling warm to the touch.
The obvious choice for winter is flannelette of course but there are many more options that will encourage you to secure your 8 hours of rest!
Be winter ready.  Choose organic cotton flannelette sheets or indulge in the luxury of a cashmere and cotton blend.   Explore the warmth and texture of options like pure linen, linen-cotton blends, and pure hemp. Your bed will become a haven of comfort, ensuring a restorative night's sleep even during the coldest winter nights.
As the chilly nights approach, get your bed ready. The right sheets can make a world of difference in ensuring a comfortable and cosy sleep.

A bed made with sheets that feel warm to the touch and snug to climb into is far more inviting.

Which sheets feel warmest in winter?

Grey Flannelette Sheets

- Organic Cotton Flannelette Sheets

- Cashmere and Cotton Sheets

- Pure Hemp Sheets

- Pure Linen Sheets

- Linen Cotton Blend

 The perfect bedding options to make your bed irresistible  this winter.


Organic Cotton Flannelette Sheets:

Cotton flannelette sheets are a must-have for winter bedding. Ours are made from 100% organic cotton. These sheets have a brushed surface that exudes a velvety softness and retains warmth exceptionally well thanks to the heavier weight of the 175 GSM cotton. The natural fibers allow breathability, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience throughout the night. Organic cotton flannelette sheets are not only cosy but also environmentally friendly, making them an ideal choice for eco-conscious individuals. Our organic cotton flannelette sheets are also available in cot sheet size to ensure your little ones have a healthy sleep too.

Organic cotton flannelette sheet sets from $89

Cashmere and Cotton Sheets:

For the ultimate in luxury, we’ve combined the perfect blend of premium cotton with the finest cashmere yarn to create bed sheets that are exquisitely soft and warm to sleep in. The softness of cashmere, blended with high-quality cotton, creates a heavenly bedding experience. These sheets provide an indulgent feel against the skin while effectively trapping body heat, ensuring a cosy cocoon during winter nights. Invest in the opulence of cashmere and cotton sheets to elevate your bed into a haven of elegance and warmth.

Cashmere cotton sheet sets from $169

Textured Sheets for Warmth:

Hopping into cool crisp sheets may be delightful in summer but doesn’t quite cut it mid-winter! Sheets made from fabric with texture, feel warm to the touch providing a better sleep experience in winter.

Consider options like pure linen, linen-cotton blends, and pure hemp. These materials have inherent properties that make them perfect for winter bedding.

Pure Linen Sheets: linen is known for its exceptional breathability and ability to regulate body temperature. Pure linen sheets offer a cosy warmth in winter while regulating your temperature and keeping you cool during warmer nights.

Linen-Cotton Blend Sheets: blending linen with cotton, whilst creating a more budget friendly option is not a poor relative of linen at all. It combines the best of both worlds and is indeed preferred by some thanks to the naturally soft characteristics of cotton. These sheets provide the warmth and texture of linen with the softness and durability of cotton, offering a comfortable and cosy sleep surface.

Linen Cotton Sheet Sets from $109

Hemp Sheets: pure hemp fabric is renowned for its softness, amazing drape, insulating properties and moisture-wicking abilities. Hemp sheets feel warm to the touch and provide excellent heat retention, ensuring a snug sleep environment for you that is thanks to the eco credentials of hemp, also kind to the planet too. And if you're really keen on sustainable living, opt for the neutral colour which is the natural undyed colour of hemp!

Hemp sheet sets from $199

When winter arrives, your bed should be a sanctuary of warmth and comfort. By choosing the right sheets, you can transform your sleep space into a cosy retreat. Organic cotton flannelette sheets, cashmere and cotton sheets, and textured options like pure linen, linen-cotton blends, and hemp are excellent choices for their ability to provide warmth, softness, and a touch of luxury. Embrace the joy of winter nights by investing in the perfect bedding that suits your preferences and ensures a restful sleep throughout the season.