Most Comfortable Sheets to Sleep In!

The Big Question!

It’s a question we’re often asked by customers returning to buy another set of eco-cotton sheets.  It’s also why these sheets are our

No 1 Best Seller!

Just why are these sheets so comfortable to sleep in?

It’s the things we don’t do that make our sheets feel so good to sleep in.


synthetic fibres
harsh chemicals
toxic dyes

Our sheets are not coated in chemicals so they can breathe which makes a big difference to your comfort in the night.  And it’s well researched that comfort and quality sleep go hand in hand!

Chemicals on your sheets?

Sheets and other cotton products are often coated in chemicals such as resin as part of the finishing process to make them more resistant to creasing.  These chemicals effectively “glue” the fibres in place but the coating prevents the cotton from breathing.

Plus the resins used often contain formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen.  We don’t use resin coatings to improve our finish or any other harsh chemicals for that matter. 

Instead, over many years of trials, we perfected our eco cotton signature sheets by selecting premium quality cotton and refining the weave technique to create the softest, smoothest finish that our sheets have become known for.


The ability of uncoated natural fibres to breathe and absorb moisture, dispersing excess heat is what makes them so comfortable to sleep in as it helps to regulate your body temperature, resulting in better quality sleep.

The first photo shows a drop of water on an Ecodownunder eco cotton sheet - a sheet that has not been coated with chemicals which means it can absorb the moisture and wick it away keeping you dry and comfortable at night. 


drop of water on eco cotton

     drop of water on coated cotton

The second photo is a drop of water on a sheet sold by a well known Australian retailer, that has been coated with chemicals to give it a crease-free finish.  It clearly shows that the fabric has lost its ability to absorb moisture and repels the drop of water which means you’re likely to feel hot and clammy during the night as the moisture released from your body as sweat isn't wicked away. 


So it's easy to see which sheets look more comfortable to sleep in! 

The only trouble is, once you’ve tried sleeping in eco cotton, you really won’t want to sleep in anything else!

Signature Cotton  - No 1 Best Selling Sheets!