Do You Need To Iron Your Sheets

  Documentary, Queen of the World,  Takes a Behind the Scenes Look at Making Beds for the Royal Family. 

It reveals “it can take over an hour to iron one sheet”.

Do You Iron Your Sheets?

We love natural fibres. We adore the relaxed look of linen sheets and our vintage cotton quilt covers have a similar look to linen quilt covers, which can be dressed up to create an elegant and sophisticated bedroom or arranged for casual contemporary chic.

But it’s not just the look of natural fibres we love so much.  It’s the very qualities that naturally exist in cottons and linens that make them so heavenly to sleep in, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. 

To iron or not to iron.

At Ecodownunder we prefer not to iron our sheets.  We find that drying them the natural way in fresh air blows out enough of the creases.  And we love the crumpled chic look of fresh linen sheets on the bed.  If you prefer a more formal appearance to your bedroom, there are no cutting corners! 

The only safe way to have wrinkle-free sheets is to iron them and if you’re preparing a bed for the royal family that would take “over an hour” per sheet!  That’s according to the new documentary “Queen of the World”.

Beware of Wrinkle Free Sheets!  Read our Bed Talk!

If sheets claim to be crease or wrinkle-resistant, read the small print on the label.  They may contain synthetic fibres such as polyester, or,  they may have been dipped in a bath of textile resins which release toxic chemicals similar to formaldehyde.  You wouldn’t bath in these chemicals so why knowingly would you sleep in them!  Nor would you choose to sleep in plastic aka polyester.

Ecodownunder sheets and towels are produced without the use of synthetics, harsh chemicals and toxic dyes.  This means they’re not coated in chemicals so they can breathe, which is why they’re so comfortable to sleep in.  It also means that wrinkle-free sheets are out of the question without some hard graft.


If you put your sheets straight from the Washing Machine to your Dryer for 5 minutes then hang the sheets on the line, there will be a lot less wrinkling of the natural fibres.