Hacks for Keeping Cool on Hot Summer Nights!

Sleep Soundly on Hot Summer Nights

8 Tips for Restful Sleep in Summer.

Beautiful long summer evenings spent socializing with family and friends are often followed by a night tossing and turning and awaking feeling tired, dehydrated and wishing you hadn’t had that last Aperol Spritz.

As the heat soars in summer,  there are a few simple steps to take to keep you cool at night.

Key to a good night sleep is getting the temperature right.

Temperature is one of the biggest factors affecting the quality of our sleep and disturbed nights are often caused by waking feeling restless and too hot in the night.

If you follow these tips, they’ll help you wake feeling refreshed and full of energy to make the most of the summer days.

1 Start With Your Bedding

Light weight moisture wicking natural fabrics are the best choice for summer.

Choose bedding made from cotton, linen, hemp and wool.  These fibres have natural properties which help to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Light, airy bedding keeps you cool and looks summery.   It makes a huge difference to the quality of your sleep.

Lay the foundations. Start with a mattress protector.  This creates a barrier between you and the mattress cover which is invariably made of synthetic fibres. These are hot and sticky to sleep on.  Choose one made of natural fibres.  Ecodownunder pure cotton mattress protectors are machine washable and extend the life of your mattress, keeping it clean, hygienic, and cool to sleep on.

Sheets come next and when the temperature soars you may only need a top sheet if you’re a hot sleeper.  Lightweight linens and soft breezy cottons are  perfect fabrics for summer sleeping.


cool cotton sheets
Linen is synonymous with summer but it’s great to sleep in all year round.  It has natural insulating and temperature regulating properties which help to keep you cool in summer yet warm in winter, it’s even more breathable than cotton, fantastic at wicking away moisture (we all sweat at night) it’s even more absorbent than cotton and it’s beautiful drape and rumpled look is effortlessly chic.


Nighttime temperatures can be unpredictable.  Layer your bed with a textured organic cotton coverlet.

Our super light and airy organic cotton coverlets are a perfect choice over a sheet in summer or choose a slightly heavier classic waffle cotton blanket, also made with certified organic cotton. 

Whatever you do, avoid faux fur or synthetic blankets and throws.  They make look cosy but they’re a sure way to add the night sweats.  Synthetic fibres are less breathable, trapping the hot air and making you sweat.

For those who enjoy more cover, a cotton summer quilt or lighter weight wool quilt are perfect through the seasons.  Wool may sound an unusual choice for warm nights but it’s the perfect temperature regulator.  The crimp in the wool fibres creates air pockets, which allows the air to circulate dissipating heat and moisture, keeping you at the right temperature and dry.

Add the finishing touches by selecting a new linen or cotton quilt cover in cool neutral colours to transform your look for summer.

Room Temperature

Multiple studies show that the optimum bedroom temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius.  Our nighttime temperatures are often much higher than this in summer.  For those without aircon in the bedroom, or who want to minimise their energy bills, there are a few eco, low-cost tips to keep your room cool at night.

2 Close the Curtains or Blinds.

A tip our European friends have been using for centuries. 

When you wake in the morning close the windows, curtains and blinds.  As the temperature rises outside, this keeps the hot air out and the cooler night air inside.    

At the end of the day, when it’s cooler outside than in, open the curtains and windows to allow the cooler air to flow in and create a breeze by opening the doors in the house.

opening the curtains

3 Use a Fan

It doesn’t lower the room temperature but if does help you feel cool. 

A ceiling A ceiling fan in the bedroomfan works wonders pushing the hot air out of the room and circulating the cool outside air drifting in. During the night, the gently circulating air helps the perspiration evaporate from your skin cooling you down. 

Added bonus:
the sound of the fan can lull you to sleep.


4 Bowl of Ice  

cooling bowl of ice

Positioning a bowl of ice in front of free-standing fan blows deliciously chilled air over your body!  


5 Cold Water Bottle

Turn your hot water bottle into a cold water bottle – fill it with cold water and ice and take it to bed!

Cold Water Bottle

6 Cold Damp Face Washer

Laid across the brow or the back of the neck, is an age-old way to keep cool.  As the cloth warms up, circulate the cloth in the air, wafting it around until it cools down again and return it to the brow!

7 Drink Water  

Drink plenty of water

We all perspire at night not just during summer so it’s important when we do sweat more to replenish our fluids during the day.

Drinking plenty of water helps prevent waking feeling tired and dehydrated.  Mid social season when alcohol consumption increases, this is more important!


 8 Electronics

A big no no in the bedroom, but if you can’t resist, switch them off during the night!  It’s amazing how much heat emanates from these devices.

You’re not alone if you find it harder to sleep in summer.  These tips will help you to create the best environment to sleep more soundly during the hotter months. 

Better sleep at night provides the energy to embrace and make the most of your summer days!


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