Australian Summer Quilts & Doonas

Choose from Summer Cotton Quilts or Summer Duck Down Quilts

Made in Australia

Australian Duck Down Summer Quilt (4705244610659)
Australian Duck Down Summer Quilt
  • from $269.00 $159.00
Australian Made Cotton Quilt | Available in all sizes | Ecodownunder (2148184555609)
Australian Cotton Summer Quilt
  • from $169.00 $99.00
Australian All Seasons Wool Quilt (2165005025369)
Australian All Seasons Wool Quilt 350gsm
  • from $189.00
Australian Made Mid Season Duck Down Quilt 50/50 white down and feather | Ecodownunder (4503962714211)
Australian Duck Down & Feather All Season Quilts
  • from $129.00

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between summer quilts, doonas, duvets and coverlets?

In short, nothing!  Quilt, doona, duvet and coverlet are all terms used for quilted bed covers that fit inside a quilt or doona cover. A summer coverlet usually has a colour or pattern and can be used with or without a duvet cover.


What is the best quilt or doona for summer?

There is no simple answer here as everyone is different, lives in different climates, and in houses with different insulation and ventilation. Here are a few tips to guide you. In most areas of Australia, there is a difference between summer and winter night temperatures so we would recommend a summer quilt and a winter quilt for your own bed. An all seasons quilt is a good option for the spare room to save the cost of buying two different quilts. For most people the best option is a summer down quilt or doona. The higher the down content, the lighter is will be. If you are a hot sleeper or in a hot climate, we would recommend a light weight cotton summer quilt.


Are quilts good for summer?

Absolutely yes, quilts are good for summer. Just make sure you get the right summer quilt for your conditions. 


Are wool quilts good for summer?

It depends where you live. In Tasmania an all seasons wool quilt might be the best choice but for most Australians we would recommend a down and feather summer quilt and cotton summer quilt for hotter climates.


Are quilts for summer or winter?

Quilts or doonas are the ideal choice for all seasons but we do recommend you buy the right quilt or doona for each season. We spend a third of our lives in bed, we want to be comfortable.


Is down and feathers quilt cool in summer?

Yes down and feather summer quilts are the best option providing you have the right doona for your climate. 


What quilt do I buy for Queensland summer?

As it is hot everywhere in the Queensland summer, we recommend Australian made cotton summer quilts.


What gsm for summer quilt?

GSM or Grams per Square Metre can vary depending on what your summer quilt or doona is made of. A 80% summer down quilt will be lighter than a summer feather quilt with the same warmth. We recommend buying to the description but generally a cotton summer quilt will be cooler than a summer down quilt or doona.