How to Become the Next Airbnb Host of the Year!

If you own or operate an Airbnb or holiday accommodation and you aim to give your guests an unforgettable sleep experience, joining Ecodownunder Trade Programme is simple.

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Put yourself in your guests’ shoes!  They’ve searched for a place to stay, finally found an Airbnb that meets their criteria and they immediately start to benefit from the mere anticipation of a break from their routine!  By the time the holiday comes around, it’s well overdue, they’re tired and very much in need of some relaxation.  An early start and a long journey, often with kids and pets in tow, means they arrive wearily at the front door of your home, ready to unwind but with a sense of apprehension that their home for the next few days, will be just as lovely as it looked online!


Holidays are made for adventures


First impressions are so important and set the mood for the stay.
Expectations are high as they walk through the door. 

A spotlessly clean and tidy house which smells fresh as the door is opened, ticks the first box!   We’ve all walked into airbnbs and been hit by that stale, damp wet carpet odour.

Dropping their bags at the front door, they do a quick tour, invariably making a B line to check out the bedrooms, to decide who’s going to sleep where, the parents of course need the master bedroom with the spa like ensuite!

Hot tip!  Have the bed just turned back - most guests won't be able to resist slipping their hand between the sheets to feel the beautiful soft bed linen, in anticipation of a great night sleep!  That tactile experience helps to lock in a good first impression, followed by resting their eyes on the freshly laundered plush towels on the end of the bed. Thoughts of pamper time are sure to flash through their minds in anticipation of a great holiday.

Small things make a difference. 

Next up is the kitchen.  The basics are expected but going the extra by providing some little treats makes a heart-warming welcome and a memorable stay.  A range of good quality teas as well as Liptons, fresh bread, fruit and milk for breakfast are a welcome surprise.  A posie of fresh flowers, even blooms from the garden, is always uplifting and freshens the air.  Indoor plants add a lovely decorating touch. Herbs in the garden are a culinary bonus.

Providing a 5-star guest experience and becoming a superhost is the aim of every Airbnb host.  In 2022/23 we will have more overseas visitors, following the lifting of travel restrictions and Australians who can't travel internationally are keen to explore at home.  However, an increasing number of Australians are turning their hand to making some extra income by “airbnbing” their home or second property.  According to Airbnb, it has become an “economic lifeline” to many Australians with 45% of hosts saying it helps to make ends meet.   

Just how many Airbnbs are there in Australia?  100,000 according to figures from data group AirDNA. Competition amongst short term holiday accommodation providers has increased with hospitality micro-entrepreneurs including niche B&Bs and boutique hotels now also turning to the Airbnb platform to help reduce their vacancy rates.  

Airbnb has just announced their Australian 2022 best host.  Congratulations go to Carla Dawes and her property Olinda Cottage in Alstonvale, NSW who goes the extra with her personal touches to welcome her guests. 

With an increasingly competitive Airbnb market, it’s all the more important to give your guests a memorable stay and gain 5-star reviews to secure your bookings in the months ahead.

Back to the Bedroom!

A good night sleep is key to the enjoyment of the stay and that means a comfy bed.

How to make the perfect Airbnb bed.

Hight quality bed linen helps you on your way to a 5 * review, it lasts longer and your guests will sleep better!

Build your bed from the bottom up.  It’s all about layers which give flexibility to guests as temperatures change and they’re easier to manage!

Start with a good quality mattress, fresh clean sheets, good pillows and quality bedding.


Some people love a hard pillow and some prefer soft, but most people prefer two pillows so we recommend you provide one of each for all guests.   This way they can swap between themselves and everyone is happy.   A light spritz of lavender essential oil ensures the pillow stays fresh.

A minimum of 2 pillows per guest

Australian made super soft duck down pillows


Good quality mattresses and pillows are relatively expensive items.  Protect and extend the life of these essentials with easy to machine wash, pure cotton mattress and pillow protectors to keep your mattress and pillows stain free. And be sure to wash the mattress and pillow protectors regularly.  Some guests like to strip the bed before they leave. Some hosts ask the guests to do so.

Cotton pillow and mattress protectors


There's nothing worse than removing the clean sheets that you’ve slept on to find you’ve been lying on a stained mattress protector during your stay.

  A sure way to lose a few stars in your review!




Sheets – our favourite subject!   The fabric you choose is important but it should always be natural, as it’s far more comfortable to sleep in sheets made from natural fibres than sheets which include synthetic fibres, described as cotton rich or microfibres.   The sheets you use can become an important part of your brand and give you a unique offer which stands out as a luxury amenity.  Imagine offering pure white Certified organic cotton sheets or our Best selling Signature eco cotton sheets. The quality of the bedding you use is a real differentiator, setting you apart from your fellow airbnb hosts, and a lovely addition to promote in your listing as an extra luxurious amenity.

If you’re running a luxury rental you may prefer to stand out by choosing 1000 thread count cotton sheets or pure European linen sheets.  Linen is long lasting and loved by guests.  The more they're washed the softer they feel and you don't need to iron them if you create the relaxed look of luxurious linen.

What colour sheets should you use? All white can make life easier as an airbnb host. White sheets look clean and fresh, are easy to launder and maintain and when you need to replace them you won’t have colour matching issues.  You can add colour with cushions and throws, but coloured sheets may suit the character of your property and be an interesting feature for your guests.  If you opt for colour, we recommend you choose universally popular neutral tones.

In winter, offering flannelette sheets is an inexpensive way to make a difference and ensure your guests have cosy nights.

Managing your linen.  We recommend 2 sets per bed to manage back-to-back change overs without stress. If you select white sheets, you can top up your supply by ordering additional fitted sheets when needed as these tend to get damaged or wear out first.

Remember the joy of slipping into beautiful sheets on the first night or your holiday and the prospect of a great night sleep.

Laundering, brightening, and whitening.  We don’t recommend fabric softeners or chemical bleaches to whiten and soften the sheets because at Ecodownunder we avoid the use of harsh chemicals, but we do recommend white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to keep your sheets looking, feeling and smelling fresh.  Any marks can be removed pre washing with Tuffy Natural Stain Remover. 

Ironing!  To iron or not to iron.  This partly depends upon the style of your home.  Be on trend and offer unironed linen which has a relaxed and comfortable look.  Line drying your sheets helps to remove the creases and we know some of our customers iron the pillowcases and the top 50cms of the top flat sheet!

Which Quilt?  The layers of warmth are important as our night-time temperatures vary so much through the year.  If you prefer not to have different weight quilts for summer and winter as this can create a storage issue, opt for an all season wool quilt which can be supplemented in winter with layers of natural fibres.   During the hot months, the layers can be used alone with a top sheet.

A cotton blanket or coverlet is hard to beat for style, versatility, and comfort. An all-year round layer – for additional warmth in winter or sufficient coverage with a top sheet in summer. It also doubles up folded as a bed runner to decorate and protect the linen at the end of your beds.

Decorating tip

The quilt cover you choose is a statement piece.   We recommend choosing a single colour in a plain or textured fabric and use cushions and throws which are easily changed to add style and character. Organic vintage cotton quilt covers are available in white and seasonal colours. Vintage cotton has a robust feel that doesn’t need ironing and launders well! 


Cushions and throws complete the look


Tricks of the trade.  Create a feeling of 5* luxury by using a super king quilt on a king bed, a king size quilt on a queen bed and a queen size quilt on a double bed.  An oversized quilt draped over the bed is oh so inviting!

Coverlets and throws.   Our weather is unpredictable and people sharing a bed often like to sleep at different temperatures. Layers allow partners sharing to add or remove warmth.  Leave one draped at the end of the bed as guests arrive and others in the cupboard for cooler nights.  Providing extra layers may also save you on increased heating bills.

Should you use a bed head?  Not always!  Many contemporary stylists choose to use euro sized pillows or large euro cushions at the head of the bed against the wall and remove the bed head.

Thoughtful extras

A luggage rack comes in handy and encourages your guests not to put their luggage straight on your beautiful freshly made bed. It also makes their stay more comfortable, so they don’t have to live out of their suitcase on the floor!  Better still, if you have space, provide a chest of drawers, a cupboard or clothes hanging unit so your guests can unpack and feel settled in.  Don’t forget some wooden clothes hangers.

Water pitcher and glasses on a bedside table is an extra touch and a subtle plastic free offering and of course an easy to reach bed side lamp with an additional socket for the phone charger.

Many guests feel a full-length mirror is missing.  It has the added benefit of creating a more spacious appearance.

The Bathrooms.

Along with good toilet roll supplies, a hair dryer and a clean shower, good quality towels are essential.  The more plush the more luxurious they feel.

Allow your guests to wrap themselves in luxurious, super soft organic cotton towels.  Holiday time is after all an opportunity to spend more time in the bathroom after weeks of a quick shower hastily taken before work. 

Organic Cotton Towels

Soft new matching towels make any bathroom look and feel like a hotel experience.  Providing generously sized bath sheets feels extra spa like, but the downside is they take up more space in the wash.

More than one set of towels is essential to help with a quick turnover.

White feels spa like but choosing a colour can add an instant refresh and add some zing to your bathroom. If you’re choosing white towels, it’s quite acceptable to have a darker colour bathmat and often more practical.  However, one of the issues with towels is guests using face and body products that contain bleaching agents which damage the colour in towels.  Sun cream can also be the culprit here.  

Complementary extras – we can’t bare waste!  Pleases don’t supply small plastic bottles of products which are not only expensive but create waste which ends in landfill. Instead provide a body soap and shampoo dispenser in the shower and by the hand basin and fill with Australian made products from an eco-brand which uses native fragrances.  It can help plant a seed of thought and when people are on holiday, they are more receptive to new ideas and ways of doing things.  It’s often a time when people reflect on their lives and take a moment to consider the future.  You never know, it might be the time when they commit to saying no to single use plastic.  Another reason their stay in your Airbnb will be a memorable experience!

 If you follow these tips, we’re sure you’ll be well on your way to happy guests, good reviews, and a calendar full of bookings in the months ahead!


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