Protect and extend the life of your mattress with a pure cotton mattress protector, made in Australia

The cotton cover and 100% cotton fill is quilted to ensure the filling remains comfortably in place and provides an extra layer of comfort.  Designed with an elasticated fitted skirt to ensure the mattress protector fits snugly and smoothly over your mattress.
A mattress topper, whether it’s a mattress protector or a Wool Underlay is the naturally better way to protect and extend the life of your mattress. Essential to consider when choosing a bed topper is the fibre it’s made from. There are many benefits to choosing a cotton mattress protector.
The natural properties of cotton allow the fabric to breathe which makes cotton more comfortable to sleep on than synthetics. A mattress topper is designed to protect your mattress from sweat, skin oils and spills. Cotton bed toppers are machine washable; we recommend washing your mattress protector monthly, which saves regular trips to the dry cleaners, expensive bills and chemical overload.

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Australian Cotton Mattress Protectors

  • $69.00
  • $69.00