King Sheet Set Organic Cotton

  • $119.00
  • $119.00

King Bed Size Sheets in Organic Cotton

Our King Organic Cotton Sheets have a cool, crisp feel, so if you love the feel of hotel sheets, these are the sheets for you.  We get this feel by constructing the sheets using a thicker yarn that gives the fabric a crisper, denser feel.

We do not add any harsh chemicals, toxic dyes or softeners when processing these natural fibres.  The organic cotton is grown on small collective farms in Indian villages using organic fertilisers and insecticides.  Less water and energy is used to grow the cotton which in turn reduces costs and helps to stop soil degradation.   Organic cultivation plays a key role in preserving the fauna and flora of the area as well as the health of the villagers.

Certified Organic by GOTS 

Made in India

Australian Bed Sheet Size Chart - Eco Cotton Sheets

 Fitted Sheet (cm)Flat Sheet (cm)
Single Bed Sheet Set91 x 190 x 37180 x 260
King Single Bed Sheet Set110 x 203 x 37200 x 260
Double Bed Sheet Set137 x 190 x 37240 x 260
Queen37 Bed Sheet Set (standard mattress)152 x 203 x 37255 x 260
Queen50 Bed Sheet Set (deep mattress)152 x 203 x 50255 x 260
King37 Bed Sheet Set (standard mattress)183 x 203 x 37285 x 260
King50 Bed Sheet Set (deep mattress)183 x 203 x 50285 x 260
SuperKing37 Bed Sheet Set (standard mattress)203 x 203 x 37270 x 240


75 x 50

Care Instructions Organic Cotton Sheets

  • Wash your sheets prior to use.  Cold or warm wash using a gentle or organic laundry detergent.
  • Remove from machine as soon as cycle is complete and hang out.
  • Iron if required.
  • Launder weekly where possible to avoid the build up of oils and sweat (these will discolour your sheets)
  • Avoid: Bleaches or whitening agents will remove colour and break down the natural cotton fibre.  Organic Cotton is made without these types of chemicals so why add them afterwards.
  • Avoid: Fabric softeners many use chemicals that create the illusion of softness and can leave a residue on your sheets.