NEW! Premium Cotton Sateen Sheet Sets from $49!

We secured a cancelled EXPORT Order of a premium quality 500 thread count sateen weave fabric. This has allowed us to create a new collection of sheet sets and offer them to you at these amazing prices.

Limited quantities of this beautiful cotton fabric in some colours means that not all colours are available in all sizes. Fortunately, we do have white sheet sets in all sizes except super king. We chose to use the soft pink tone to make single, king single and double sheet sets. In our experience, people who sleep in large beds don't generally choose to sleep in pink sheets. We'd love to hear from you if you think otherwise. Of course this new collection meets our minimum standard, made without synthetics, harsh chemicals and toxic dyes


Whitehaven Sheet Sets in White
Single, Double Queen & King available


Rose Whitehaven Sheet Set
(Single, King Single & Double only)


Dark Grey Whitehaven Sheet Set (Queen & King only)