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Add A Dose Of Luxury To Your Life With These Cashmere-Blend Sheets

When we say the word cashmere, what do you think? Soft cosy jumpers and basics that drape beautifully on all bodies, right? Now, take that super soft, comfy vibe and imagine yourself snuggled up in sheets that provide that same luxury.

Aussie bedding veteran, Ecodownunder, has formulated a cashmere and cotton blend sheet, taking the crown for their softest sheet ever.

Finer, lighter and softer than sheep’s wool, cashmere gives the sheets an indulgent feel that will make it even harder to get out of bed in the morning—sorry. But, they’ll also make getting into bed every night even more of a treat and are made with eco-friendly practices, which is a definite win in our eyes. Available in a classic soft white, grey or blue, they offer everything you love about Ecodownunder’s approach. Championing best practice, there are no synthetic materials, harsh chemicals or plastic, even in the packaging your buttery soft sheets arrive in. Ready to begin your softest-ever-sheet-experience?