Our Story - an Australian Family Business

Ecodownunder an Australian Family Business
We believe we all have a responsibility to look after the natural environment for future generations. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.
In the 1990's we could see a lot of cheap synthetic products coming from China.
  • Harsh chemicals like cancer causing Azo dyes and formaldehyde coated sheets were common.
  • Synthetics like polyester or "micro fibre" (which are just plastic fibres), that break up into thousands of tiny pieces every wash cycle.
  • Single use plastic packaging that is thrown away as soon as you get home, or even worse, polystyrene and PVC!
We decided that we had to do better. 
"Reduce, recycle, reuse" and beach cleans were good but.....it was obvious to us then that any meaningful change had to come from business by eliminating the source of the problem..
The idea for Ecodownunder was born in 1997. 
Initially we tried to be eco perfect but back then, "eco" was a really fringe cottage industry. That meant quality/design compromises and hideously high prices. 
That was when we realised that we shouldn't let perfect get in the way of good! If we were going to make a real difference, everything we do must be:
  • high quality
  • affordable
  • as eco friendly as possible without compromising quality.
Our minimum standard became:
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No synthetics
  • No single use plastic packaging
We would use certified organic cotton and Australian made whenever possible.
Every Ecodownunder product goes through our rigorous quality control systems.
By selling direct, we avoid big mall rents and pass on the savings. We regularly check the big retail chains pricing and believe our everyday prices are generally 10-20% below their sale prices on comparable products.
Every time you buy an Ecodownunder product, you are helping keep harsh chemicals, synthetics and plastic out of the environment.
Approximately a third of our products are made in Australia with most of the balance made in India where we can control quality. We have been working with most of our partners in India for over 20 years. In that time we have worked together improving the quality and environmental credentials of our products.
The really good news for us is that our partners now sell far more eco friendly products all around the world. We could not have dreamed the impact of our little idea 28 years ago would go on to have such a global impact.
It's so encouraging to see young people "get it" and are now demanding businesses do better!
There is hope, and thanks for being part of our journey. 
Our Story