Mattress Protectors

A mattress topper, whether it’s a mattress protector or a wool underlay, is the naturally better way to protect and extend the life of your mattress.  Essential to consider when choosing a bed topper is the fibre it’s made from. There are many benefits to choosing a cotton mattress protector.   The natural properties of cotton allow the fabric to breathe which makes cotton more comfortable to sleep on than synthetics.  A mattress topper is designed to protect your mattress from sweat, skin oils and spills. Cotton bed toppers are machine washable; we recommend washing your mattress protector monthly, which saves regular trips to the dry cleaners, expensive bills and chemical overload.

Commercial mattress protectors - a cotton mattress protector that's easy to launder and to change, is highly recommended for holiday accommodation like airbnbs where they're changed more frequently. 

Is a mattress protector necessary?  Not convinced? 

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