What is Egyptian Cotton?

Choosing sheets can be complicated with so many considerations to make. 

The best sheets to choose are the ones you feel most comfortable sleeping in!

But there are some key signals to look out for.  One of the single most important factors is to buy sheets made from 100% natural fibres. Avoid sheets with descriptions like “cotton rich” and “micro fibre” because they contain synthetic fibres like polyester in the fabric which is not only less comfortable to sleep in but also the source of tiny micro particles of plastic which end up in our oceans. 

Products which are called “Egyptian cotton” are associated with premium quality and have been traditionally made from the cotton plant species Gossypium barbadense.  It has the reputation for being one of the finest cotton fabrics in the world which is why when you choose to buy Egyptian cotton sheets, you assume that you’re buying the best.

But any cotton grown in Egypt can technically be called Egyptian cotton and all cotton grown in Egypt isn’t Gossypium barbadense.  But products labelled Egyptian cotton are broadly understood to be Gossypium barbadense which thanks to the extra-long staple fibres, produces the beautiful soft, smooth and long-lasting sheets that are synonymous with quality.

All cotton isn’t equal and the quality of the cotton and the sheets produced is  affected by many factors including the cotton species, climate, soil conditions in which the cotton is grown, the way the cotton is harvested and of course the textile production process and weave.

Ecodownunder Egyptian cotton sheets are as the name suggests, made from cotton grown in Egypt but more specifically in the Nile Delta.  Giza yarn as it is known, is produced from cotton grown in the nutrient rich lands around the River Nile.  This area is characterised by sunshine, high humidity and rainfall, the optimum growing conditions to produce long staple cotton fibres, and the reason why it’s the ultimate Egyptian cotton for softness and breathability.

Why is Egyptian Cotton considered one of the finest cottons in the world?

The characteristic extra-long staple fibres of Gossypium barbadense cotton produce stronger, smoother yarn,  which makes softer, longer lasting sheets.