The Radiant Look Skin Care Routine.

Radiant Skin for Summer with an Easy Skin Care Routine.

How to get a healthy smooth glow with clear skin as the season’s change.

Changing temperatures and levels of humidity make our skin behave in different ways.  You’ll have no doubt noticed how thirsty your skin feels in winter, soaking up lashings of  moisturiser and how soft and supple it can feel in the summer especially when the humidity is high.

After months of cool drier weather, we’ve had weeks of combatting dry skin and now is the time to refresh your skin care routine, slough away the dead skin cells and allow the new cells to glow!  Winter 21 has been particularly challenging on the skin care front as many of us haven’t been able to enjoy nourishing and rejuvenating skin treatments in our favourite spa salons.

So why is it that many of us are drawn to skin care products in beautifully packaged bottles, containing “scientifically proven formulae” and promises of a youthful glow that cost a fortune when in fact it’s the good old-fashioned face cloth that is truly the wonder product! 

Face Cloth

Recent trends in thinking and sharing of knowledge through social media have been fueled by changes in lifestyle since Covid-19 spread around the world.  We have become more questioning and less susceptible to big pharma marketing and promises of looking forever young.

A healthy-looking complexion is the result of so many factors in our daily lives, particularly sun exposure in Australia.  Diet, sleep, exercise and of course a good skin care routine are also key to a glowing complexion!  This doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive, but it does have to be twice daily (and if you exercise at a time when you wouldn’t be generally washing it’s important to clean the skin to remove the sweat and excess oil that can block the pores.)

Simple steps to a healthy complexion.

Morning Cleanse – don’t skip it!

Most people are diligent about their night-time face cleansing routine but often when time short in the morning, resort to skipping the morning face cleanse because their skin may not feel dirty.  It’s important to remove the build-up of natural oils that form overnight in addition to any residue of night-time treatments that may have been applied.  A morning facial cleanse is also important to make sure the day products you use can penetrate more deeply and act effectively, particularly sun cream.

Use a Face Washer!

After you’ve massaged your face with the cleanser of your choice (fragrance and sulphate-free), it’s important to use a face washer to wipe away the residue of cleanser, oil and makeup. The cleanser does not just dissolve the makeup, it needs to be gently wiped away.

If you’ve ever used a cleanser, rinsed it off and then patted your face dry, you’ll probably have seen some makeup and daily grime wiped off onto the towel that shows how the cleanser doesn’t easily wash off on its own.

Be gentle!  Feel pampered when you press a warm face flannel into your face.  Whilst a good scrub can feel invigorating, it can cause an inflammatory reaction, leaving your skin feeling irritated and looking red.  A gentle wipe with a washcloth, exfoliates your skin, gently sloughing away dead skin cells without the use of chemicals and plastic microbeads.  These are still used by some manufacturers and end up in our waterways and the ocean. Read more plastics in the ocean.

Moisturise! While skin is still damp, apply a facial moisturizer which includes SPF30 to rehydrate and protect the top layer of skin cells and seal in the moisture, helping to prevent dry skin.

How often can you use the same face washer?  It feels luxurious to use a fresh washcloth every morning and night as part of your cleansing routine.  Like your towels, your washcloth if not aired and dried after use becomes a heavenly breeding ground for bacteria.  Some experts recommend using a clean face washer every time.  If this is not practical, and you’re in water-saving mode, make sure you rinse out the cleanser and makeup from the cloth, squeeze out as much water as possible and hang it up to dry before the next use.  If you do this and the face washer dries between uses,  it’s more acceptable to use it a few times before throwing it in for a wash! 

Which Face Washer  

Opt for one that is really soft because it’s less likely to be abrasive and irritate the skin, like Ecodownunder’s  ultra-soft Organic Cotton Face Washer.  It’s loved by mums for their babies so soft enough for our faces too.

Don’t resort to Wipes

Not only are they bad for the environment but they don’t always do a good job of removing make up, dirt and sunscreen!

Quick 5 tips to a healthy glowing complexion.

Morning & Night, use a fragrance, paraben, phthalate and soap-free facial cleanser.

Use warm water not hot, because hot water can strip away your skin’s natural oil.

Be gentle on the skin. Wipe away the cleanser with a super soft face washer.

Apply moisturizer to damp skin.

Drink water!

 The lowest cost, planet friendly beauty treatment!

Renewable. Biodegradable. Compostable. Sustainable!

Using a soft warm face washer is not only soothing but gives a deeper and more satisfying cleanse.

The gentle non-abrasive exfoliation leads to brighter looking skin, without chemicals.

Buy 8 face washers  – one for every day and a spare for washing day! Use a fresh clean face washer  every  morning, rinse out and hang to dry (handy loop) ready for your evening routine.

Saves sending disposable, chemical laden facial cleansing wipes to landfill!

And saves money too.