Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - 22 momme

The natural, chemical-free addition to your beauty regime!
Goodbye to bed head.  Awake looking rejuvenated and feeling refreshed.

It’s the latest must have beauty buy but does a Silk Pillowcase really make a difference to your skin and hair?  Or is it just a beautifully soft, smooth and lustrous fabric that feels heavenly to sleep on.

When you sleep on a Silk Pillowcase your face and hair glides over the silk when you toss and turn so it makes sense that your hair gets less tangled and you wake up frizz free.   Reducing the amount of friction or rub reduces the frizz factor in the morning and helps make the blow-dry last longer!

Preventing bed head and frizz by sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase is easy to see. Claims that a silk pillowcase can help to reduce the signs of ageing sounds like a miracle!  How does that work?  The smooth surface of the silk pillowcase provides less friction on your face than sleeping on other fabrics. It’s commonly believed by dermatologists that this friction from fabrics, causes sleep creases which go on to cause wrinkles.

Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Dr SJ Stegman from the University of California, wrote about sleep creases in the 80s.  Acknowledging the “gradual, but inevitable diminishing quality of collagen and elastic fibers, plus sun damage, gravitational forces and repeated expressions” were causes of the creases and wrinkles we all develop.  In his role as a cosmetic surgeon working on making his clients appear more youthful, he concluded that not all facial wrinkles and creases were caused by “gravity, sun damage or movement.” 

He noticed his own face creases in the morning, which as time went by took longer in the day to disappear!  He became so good at spotting these wrinkles in others that he could quickly tell his clients what side they slept on!

Dr Stegman concluded that sleep creases are accentuated by pillow contact.

We love the lustrous finish of silk on our cheeks, regardless of the rejuvenation factor.

Choosing a Silk Pillowcase.

While all silk feels and looks beautiful, not all silk is the same and there are different weights, grades and qualities just as there are in linen and cotton.

The quality of silk varies significantly and is measured in momme.  It’s a Japanese word pronounced mom-ee and refers to the weight of the silk.   The higher the momme, the heavier and denser the weave.  A lightweight silk is usually under 20mm.  Medium-weight silk ranges from 20-28 mm and anything above that is considered heavy, such as a raw or textured silk.

When choosing a pillowcase it’s preferable to choose a mid-weight momme as the silk will be softer and more durable. Be sure to choose pure silk as there are many synthetic alternatives which don’t have the same wonderful natural properties and they like all synthetics, release microfibers into the environment when used and washed.

Soft and smooth against your skin it’s no wonder silk is used to make luxury products such as lingerie and nightwear, evening gowns and dresses.   But the benefits of silk don’t stop at its lustrous look and exquisite feel.

The silk proteins sericin and fibroin are responsible for silk’s amazing natural properties.

Reasons we love silk.  

It’s totally natural!   

It’s biodegradable.

Lightweight, smooth and soft.

Durable and long lasting. Silk is the strongest natural fiber. It was used after all, to make parachutes because it’s strong, lightweight, fire resistant and long lasting.  As an aside, – in the “mend and make do” era post World War II, when fabric was prohibitively expensive, used or damaged parachutes were sort after by women to turn into their wedding dresses.  These were sometimes even parachutes that had saved the lives of their fiancées.

Naturally absorbent.  Silk is equal to wool in its ability to absorb moisture which helps to keep you feeling dry when you sweat. It can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture which is why its even good to wear in hot weather when you perspire more.

Temperature regulating. Silk’s insulating properties help to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Hypoallergenic.  Silk is naturally resistant to dust mites, dust and mould. The dense and compact structure of silk is not attractive to dust mites, which makes it healthy for people with allergies and skin sensitivities.  The long smooth fibers used to make silk are less irritating to skin.

Hygienic. The smooth surface of silk doesn’t attract dirt in the same way as other fabrics.

Natural fungal repellent. Silk's ability to absorb moisture eliminates the environment in which fungi thrive.

The natural sheen and softness of silk mean your face and hair glide over it giving you that luxurious feeling without tangling your hair and rubbing your face.

If it is a natural chemical-free beauty investment which helps to reduce the signs of ageing, then that’s another reason to love it!

How to Care for your Silk Pillowcase.

Silk when cared for correctly is a strong and long-lasting fabric.

Machine wash on gentle cycle at 30 degrees C and line dry or:

Gently swirl the silk pillowcase around in cool water and a mild detergent.  Rinse thoroughly to be sure to remove all the soap residue.  Lay the pillowcase out over a clean dry towel and roll the towel up to squeeze out the excess water.  Leave the pillowcase to dry flat on a different clean dry towel or hang up to dry out of direct sunlight.  Be sure not to wring or squeeze the silk pillowcase as this will damage the fibers. 

If you wish to iron your pillowcase, use the iron’s cool/silk setting.  If you care for your silk pillowcase like this,  it will last for years.



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