Top Picks For Winter

Our top picks to help you create the cosiest bed for winter.

There’s nothing like slipping into a warm and cosy bed on a chilly night.

Bed time can’t come soon enough when you’ve got our new velvety soft and super cosy flannelette sheets on your bed!

Make a bed that’s so inviting you can’t wait to jump in with our winter bed sheets, Australian wool quilts, ultra-light and warm duck down or Hungarian goose down quilts. It’s far more inviting to slip into soft brushed flannelette sheets in winter, topped with a super warm quilt wrapped up in a matelassé quilt cover. Textures of our winter bedding are soft and warm against the skin.

Laying the foundations for a good night sleep starts with what you sleep on. Here we recommend a wool mattress topper. Wool acts as an insulator keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. The natural crimp in wool fibres creates air pockets which allow the air to circulate so heat is dispersed, and you don’t feel hot patches in the night. Our luxurious wool underlay also provides an additional layer of comfort over your mattress

Temperature is a key factor in getting a good night sleep. Natural fibres are thermo regulating which means they help to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. They’re also able to absorb moisture without feeling wet which means when you sweat at night you don’t feel damp. The moisture is wicked away so you stay dry.

We highly recommend you avoid all microfibres in the bedroom, quilts described as “down like”, contain synthetics, and products called “faux” are generally made of polyester or acrylic which is essentially a plastic textile! These materials are not moisture absorbing which is why if you’ve ever slept in polyester sheets or worn a poly cotton shirt you’ll appreciate just how unpleasant it can be!

Our winter bedding range like all our collections is created from 100% natural fibres. They’re not only far more comfortable to sleep in but you’ll sleep well knowing they’re better for the environment too.

Make the most of winter nights. Sleep well in our select winter bedding!.

Organic Cotton Flannelette Sheets, Cashmere sheets, Winter Wool Quilts, Wool Mattress Toppers, Blankets and Throws

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