Whitehaven Organic Cotton Bath Towels

  • $20.00
  • $20.00

Beautiful and Soft Organic Cotton Ribbed Bath Towels in Australian Bush Colours

Our Whitehaven ribbed bath towel collection is 650gsm and includes Face Washers, Hand Towels, Bath Mats  and Bath Sheets,

The organic cotton for these towels is grown on small collective farms in Indian villages using organic fertilisers and insecticides.  Less water and energy is used to grow the cotton which in turn reduces costs and helps to stop soil degradation.   Organic cultivation plays a key role in preserving the fauna and flora of the area as well as the health of the villagers.

No harsh chemicals, toxic dyes or softeners are added in the processing of the natural fibres.  This makes the towels soft, super absorbent and long lasting.

    Certified Organic by GOTS 
    Designed in Australia
    Made in India

    Bath Towels Sizes Australia

    Face Washer Size33cm x 33cm
    Hand Towel Size60cm x 41cm
    Bath Mat Size60cm x 90cm
    Bath Towel Size137cm X 68cm
    Bath Sheet Size170cm x 85cm

    Bath Towel Care Instructions

    • Wash separately before use.
    • Machine wash separately in warm or cold water on a gentle cycle.
    • Use natural/gentle laundry detergent, organic is preferable.
    • Line dry in shade if possible to avoid bleaching by the sun.
    • Things to avoid:
      • Bleaches or Whitening Agents as these may leave discoloured patches on the towels.  These patches, at times, may not appear until after washing.  Bleaches will also weaken and break the natural cotton fibre over time.
      • Fabric Softeners, most will put a chemical coating on your towels and make them less absorbent.
    • Tips:
      • Pulled threads should be cut off at the base of the towel. This will not effect the towels use or lifespan.