Transform your bathroom! Update the look and feel by simply introducing new bath towels, bath mats and hand towels. A fresh new look is easily achievable, without the major expense or effort involved with renovating, by introducing colour co-ordinated luxury bath towels, or choose a towel set to simplify life! Improving the small rituals in life, makes a difference to the way the day begins and nothing feels more spa like than being wrapped in a plush soft organic cotton bath towel after a shower. Upsizing to a bath sheet adds a touch of luxury to your day. Ecodownunder Organic Cotton Towel Collection certified by GOTS.

Drying off after a shower is personal! Some people prefer a gentle pat dry and others love an invigorating rub post shower. Whether you choose a soft plush towel or a towel woven with a generous 6mm rib, you’ll be drying off with 100% organic cotton, no harsh chemicals and no synthetic fibres. Buy just what you need from our bath sheet, bath towel, hand towel, bath mat and face washer range or choose a bath sheet set or bath towel set for quick and easy shopping. Choosing a colour can be tricky. White towels are most popular, particularly for hotel towels in Australia and nothing quite conjures up a spa like bathroom feel than plush white organic cotton towels. For those with busy families, eco resorts or people who live off grid and depend on tank water, grey towels, blue towels, green towels and black towels are the next choice. Our colour palette is curated to compliment a range of bathroom styles and reflects our desire to bring elements of outdoor living inside. Ecodownunder towels, made from combed organic cotton are designed to last with double stitched hems. For laundry care tips and to extend their life by keeping them smelling fresh and feeling soft, read our blog “Make old towels feel like new again.”( Hand towels with hanging loops are most important in towel hygiene as hanging the towel enables the towel to dry thoroughly between use. Whilst they’re super absorbent, they’re also quick dry towels, which makes the ribbed bath towel perfect when you’re out and about, as a gym towel, workout towel or swimming towel too. If you’re searching for a towel for sports, yoga or swimming, our beach towels range includes Turkish style beach towels, reversible striped towels with terry towelling on one side and velour on the other, and hammam towels, all crafted from pure organic cotton.

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