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Rockpool Quilt Covers and Sheet Sets inspired by nature. We’re thrilled to introduce Rockpool by Taylor, a quilt cover collection, designed in Sydney’s Northern Beaches by the talented Taylor Springthorpe. Taylor’s intricate and beautiful drawings of her favourite shells found in local rockpools and the much-loved seaweed hormosira banksia, also known as Neptune’s necklace, sea grapes and bubble weed formed the design on our new Beach Quilt Cover Collection, Rockpool by Taylor.

Growing up in Pittwater, in a home accessible only by boat, travelling to school on the water, it’s no surprise that Taylor Springthorpe has a love of the ocean and an in-depth appreciation of the sea creatures living in it. With a marine biologist dad, she knows all the best spots to find sea life and exactly what names to call them! Fossicking in rockpools and walks on the seashore were regular family activities and conjure up many happy memories during her childhood.
Taylor’s love of the natural world, her artistic flare, and instinct for colour made her a perfect partner to design a quilt cover collection for Ecodownunder. Taking our signature eco cotton, which feels exquisitely soft and smooth, selecting shades of grey that complement all colour palettes and adding a splash of colour from the ocean, the quilt cover set is available in 4 ocean inspired themes, beautifully finished with a 5 cm tailored edge (no pun intended!) small coconut buttons and fine stitching featuring around the buttonhole. For those that love the ocean and marine life, a coastal quilt cover is a stunning way to bring it into your home!

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