The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Thoughtful Gifts

Gifts for the Conscientious Consumer!

We hear so many conversations around “I just don’t know what to buy Jack this year,” and the stress builds the closer we get to Christmas.  The pressure is on to buy gifts for family and friends and these gifts seem to have become increasingly lavish over the last few years.  In the 6 weeks to Christmas this year, Australians are expected to spend over $52 billion in a shopping frenzy!  But it’s not supposed to be a stressful time!

Where you spend your money does make a difference so do give some careful thought to the purchases you make and what ends up in Jack’s stocking!

You have the power to alter a business’s behavior through the choices you make.  Being a conscientious consumer isn’t about feeling guilty when you make a purchase because we get so much joy out of giving.  It’s about the impact that purchase makes elsewhere. 

We all experience different driving forces behind our ethical behavior.  Your priorities may be people, the planet, the ocean or animals.  They may be Australian or overseas, but there’s no denying we have one world and what we do in our small part of it has reverberations around the world.

So choose your gifts wisely.  Buy gifts that last. But remember diamonds are forever and so is plastic!  In these days of built-in obsolescence,  we forget that the product bought may lose its purpose or break, but when it’s made of plastic it still lasts “forever”.  When you throw it away it doesn’t go away, plastic just breaks down into tiny micro-particles that often end up in the ocean.

Our Top Gift Buying Tips.  Choosing gifts that are useful!

  • Do they need it?  Not everything has to be needed but if not needed, will they use it!
  • Look for products that have less packaging.
  • Read the label.  It doesn’t have to be organic but look for signs that less chemicals have been used in production and that the known carcinogens have been avoided.
  • Buy from companies that you can see give back, support local charities and get involved with fundraising.  Look at the causes they’re aligned to and decide if they fit with yours and you feel good about giving them and will they resonate with the lucky recipient!
  • Gift your time!  You can’t buy time but you can gift this most precious resource! Do favours for friends, treat them to memorable experiences; organise a day out together; take your friends for a bushwalk and picnic.  It doesn’t have to cost the earth and so often those thoughtful gifts are the most memorable when the day is done.

And for businesses, behaving ethically is good for business.  Research shows that most people choose sustainable brands even when they cost slightly more and prefer to work for companies that give back.

Being a conscientious consumer doesn’t mean you don’t shop.  It means you shop wisely.  But don’t let perfect get in the way of good.  Make sure you feel good about the gifts you give this Christmas.  It is the reason after all, why we do it!

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