5 Decorating Ideas to Make the Cosiest Bedroom for Winter

Decorating ideas to create the cosiest bedroom this winter! 

We love the onset of winter! It’s the perfect time to decorate your bedroom to create a haven of peace and tranquility which will be sure to entice you into early nights.  The dark, colder nights are best for sleeping.  And let’s face it, it has to be good if it’s going to drag you away from another episode of Tiger King on Netflix or “just one more” episode of Game of Thrones if you're still working your way through that epic series!

No 1.  Keep it Simple! 

The trend for de-cluttering and minimalism is so positive in the bedroom keeping distractions to a minimum and helping to create a place of rest and rejuvenation.  The result tends to be sophisticated and elegant!
Creating the perfect place to sleep that includes an expression of your own style doesn’t mean it has to be bland and boring.  We recommend choosing a calming neutral colour theme to which you can add interest and depth with rich textures and patterns in complementary and accent hues.
Add variations of natural to calming colours like blues and greys to create a truly wintery feeling that you’ll want to snuggle up in!
And layering naturals and whites on white can also look stunning and oh so wintery!

The ultimate in serenity.  White on white with a touch of natural

No 2

Indulge in luxurious Bedding!  Whether you choose linen or cotton, be sure it’s pure!  Avoid any mixtures with polyester.    Natural fibres such as cotton, linen, wool and down are more breathable and widely understood to be more comfortable to sleep in.  

 No 3

Of course what you sleep on matters too. Learn more about "Laying the foundations for a good night sleep".  In a nutshell,   investing in a good mattress and adding a pure wool mattress topper or under blanket for an extra layer of comfort and warmth topped with the best cotton sheets or warm and soft flannelette sheets will really make a difference to your coziness in bed.

It's hard to get out of bed when you're sleeping in flannelette sheets

No 4

For comfort and warmth,  add a winter wool quilt or if you prefer weightless warmth, feel as if you’re sleeping under a cloud with a duck down quilt.  If you don’t remember when you last changed your pillows, it’s probably time to do so.  They don’t last forever and the right pillow is essential for a comfortable sleep.  Adding a few European size (60 x 60 cm) pillows against the bedhead creates a deeper sense of luxury and additional comfort if you’ve brought your Netflix series to bed!

 No 5

Now the real fun starts choosing the colour palette for the quilt covers and adding rich textures and tactile fabrics like waffle cotton, soft and light brushed alpaca and fine merino wool.  Add the finishing touches with cushions and throws.  Blend classic and modern and layer textures and styles to add impact and more cosiness factor to your room.  Follow our simple steps and you should find yourself having plenty of sleep through the winter!

Super soft alpaca throws - check out our amazing range of colours for winter 2020

The finishing touches - throws give a touch more luxury and warmth and scatter a few decorative cushions for impact or to blend in and enhance your colour palette. Mix up not only the throw colours but the type too, adding fine merino to a chunky hand knitted cotton throw or soft alpaca on a soft cotton woven throw like the Tamarama Cotton Throw.  It's never boring when the choices are endless. 

Chunky Knit throw on vintage cotton       Chunky Cable Knit on Linen   

Combining neutrals with different textures creates an interesting and stylish look  Fine Merino Wool for real warmth and luxury                

Throws and Cushions and Cushion Covers Winter 2020

New Brushed Alpaca Throws




 This post has been updated 23 April 2020