Choosing a Bath Towel: the Benefits of Bamboo Cotton

Choosing a Bath Towel: the Benefits of Bamboo Cotton

Perfecting the blend of natural fibres, we’ve combined bamboo and cotton to create a luxuriously soft and super absorbent towel that adds a spa like experience to bath time!

65% bamboo blended with 35% cotton creates a soft and silky finish which becomes more plush with each wash.  Bamboo towels are often described as too thin, so we have added 35% cotton to the fabric to create a towel with the optimum weight, thickness and durability.

Choosing a towel isn’t as easy as it sounds.  We all like to dry off in different ways!  That’s why we have a few different towel designs in our collection.  Some people love a soft and plush towel, whilst others do prefer to dry off with a slightly more invigorating and robust rub down.   It’s totally personal!

The benefits of bamboo:

Incredibly soft to the touch

Super absorbent

Doesn’t dry feeling stiff or crisp 


Naturally hypoallergenic

Mildew and mold resistant

Our new collection is available in bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, face washers and bath mats in 6 colours to add a pop to your bathroom for summer 2020.

It’s not only the blend of natural fibres which make these towels a great purchase, it’s the consideration that we've given to the construction which ensures the towels can withstand regular laundering.  This ensures they’re a long-lasting addition to your bathroom. 

Double stitched seams

The pleated deep hemmed edge adds a contemporary and stylish finish to the towels .  The double row of stitching helps to prevent the towel seams from fraying at the edges. 

As with all our towels, we’ve included a looped tag so there’s no excuse to leave the wet used towel on the bathroom floor!  If towels are allowed to dry straight after use, they don’t need to be laundered quite so often and you can avoid the damp towel smell which is a particular problem in the more humid months.

Whether you favour classic white in the bathroom to create a spa like experience, or prefer to use your towels to add a splash of colour, we’re sure you’ll love the luxurious feeling of this bamboo cotton blend. 

Bamboo fibres have a natural lustre which can appear silk like and feel exquisitely soft.  For those with skin sensitivities, the softness of the towels can prevent aggravation which can be caused by a rougher towel.

Ecodownunder Bamboo Cotton towels:

⁛  Super soft, plush and absorbent

⁛  Silk like softness gentle on sensitive skin

⁛  Free from harsh chemicals

⁛ 100% natural and sustainable

⁛ Full range includes bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, face washers and 
    bath mats

⁛ Available in 6 colours.  Mix + match to refresh your bathroom

⁛ Choose pure white to create a spa-like experience

⁛ Loops on the towels for easy hanging

⁛ Double stitched hem to prevent fraying

⁛ Stylish multi-pleated hem

⁛ Renowned for its anti-bacterial properties, bamboo towels generally don’t get
     that wet towel smell caused by bacteria breeding in damp towels.

⁛ Bamboo is generally better for the environment as the plant tends to need
     less water  to grow than cotton and it doesn’t require pesticides 🌱

Ecodownunder Bamboo Cotton Towels $15!

Bamboo Cotton Towels
Bath Sheets 4 for $60
Bath Towels 4 for $40