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Airbnb Superhost and Ecodownunder team member, Laura Gray, offers this advice for anyone setting up an Airbnb or striving to maintain their hard earned Superhost status.  We talked to Laura about her other "job" whilst running a household and living an eco lifestyle in Sydney's Northern Beaches. 

Airbnb Superhost

Once achieved, that Airbnb Superhost status is something you’ll want to hold on to and this summer more and more Airbnbs are flooding onto the market, especially in our stunning suburbs in the Northern Beaches. Getting consistent 5 star reviews will come down to the finest of details.

First impressions are vital.

During that first walk through on their arrival, your guests will decide if the accommodation exceeds or falls below their expectations. Be warned, the modern day Airbnb guest expects a lot. A stylishly made bed with perfect, freshly laundered sheets, towels and linens are a huge part of creating that positive first impression.

So what is a winning look?

How can you create this look and maintain it? Well, my mantra has always been quality and simplicity. Thanks to my job at Ecodownunder, I now have the knowledge and inspiration to ensure I make the right choices and give my Airbnb guests the best.

Firstly, which sheets are best? This can be a very personal decision. When I'm working in one of our stores, I’m greeted by a variety of reactions once I’ve encouraged customers to actually feel our different sheets instead of relying on the thread-count rating. Actually feeling the sheets makes a difference. Whether you’re an eco cotton (light and luxurious), organic cotton (crisp and cool) or 100% flax linen devotee,

Ecodownunder has it covered. My choice, based on five years of being an Airbnb Superhost and Ecodownunder sales gal, is our Eco Cotton range. The majority of our customers choose the Eco Cotton after the ‘feel test’ and I’ve only ever had positive comments from my guests. But whatever your preference, quality and eco status is assured with all our sheets so you can relax there too.

Dressing the bed is important.

Our website and store bed displays can help you achieve the right look for your Airbnb. Again, simplicity is key and often a two colour combination is a winner. White or coloured sheets seem to be another of those tricky decisions. Most hotels only use white sheets for obvious reasons (luxurious, clean look and withstands industrial washing practices).

My tip would be to use different colours and styles of white sheets for different bed sizes to ensure easy, swift change overs. Long gone are the days when we all had ‘changeover Fridays’. Now guests are more likely to book only hours before arrival and require the flexibility of 24 hour arrival and departure times. To sum up, my go to are white eco cotton sheets, teamed with a coloured linen quilt cover set. This creates the perfect blend of comfort, quality and style. Keeping a two colour combo ensures the bedroom colour scheme is calm and restful. You’ll create a haven that guests will be keen to return to.

Decorating the bed with cushions can be a polarising subject. Cushions can add a touch of luxury and complement a colour scheme, but too many can just get in the way!Superhost airbnb using one cushion on the bed

 With this in mind, I use one cushion in front of the four pillows to enhance the overall look with complimenting colour and texture to finish off the overall look.

Remember to provide plenty of fresh bath towels, beach towels and tea towels; skimping on these items can create the wrong impression. Your Airbnb guests are usually on holiday so a few extra of these everyday essentials will make them feel more valued.

Plush Organic Cotton Bath Towels

It's the tiniest touches that create the biggest impact and return. So this last tip is a must.... at any of our stores you can grab some neat little stand up Ecodownunder cards to put on bedside tables. They let your guests know that you care enough about them and environment to have provided Ecodownunder linens. Your guests will appreciate a comfortable, great night’s sleep in natural, chemical free, quality sheets. Help us spread the word and we’ll give our Airbnb guests the very best at the same time!

Have a ‘Super-hosting’ Summer 22/23!