Kick the Habit

Kick the Habit!

2019 New Year Resolution.  Start Practising Now!

And it’s not the coffee habit we’re talking about.

We’d like to help you kick the Single-Use Plastic Habit.

We’re sending 200 reusable coffee cups  to lucky random recipients who order online this week.  reusable coffee cups

WHY? Because if you start getting into the routine of taking your coffee cup with you when leave the house,  it’ll be a habit!

Coffee Cups are in the top 4 Single-Use Plastics sent to landfill alongside shopping bags, straws and plastic water bottles.  But they also so often end up washed up on our beaches.

All of these are easy items to replace - if only we could change our habits!

Most New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned before the end of January.   But if you start practicing now, you can make 2019 the year you kick the single-use plastic habit!

The banning of single use plastic bags by the 2 big supermarket chains mid 2018, has meant there’s been an 80% drop in the use of plastic bags!  This ban has prevented 1.5 billion bags being introduced into the environment! 

Ecodownunder can report a 100% reduction in the use of single-use plastic bags.  “We eliminated  single use plastic packaging from our stores this year and now no sheets or towels leave our stores in single-use plastic bags .  That also applies to our large comfort range such as quilts, underblankets and pillows” added Russell Lamb, founder, Ecodownunder.  “It’s been a very positive move welcomed by our customers who are delighted to leave with a complementary organic cotton shopping bag which they can use for days out, beach visits or simply  grocery shopping.”

To encourage our customers to take another positive step in kicking the plastic habit, we have 200 reusable coffee cups to give away with online orders this week!

Say no to single-use plastic in 2019!

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